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I have never being a lazy person, and I have always got myself occupied in different types of workouts / exercises throughout my life, Anything new and challenging I would definitely try it out.
I had a certain goal to reach in my weight, along with it I wanted to build my stamina, strength to perform better in Golf and be active in my daily activities. There were days that it worried me and doubted my motivation of my workouts and the level of exercises I did.

But that changed when I joined FHIIT last year in September, a different concept altogether where “its all in your mind” like Yohan says, Head Coach of FHIIT. He only wanted me to trust him and the process. After 8 years I was able to hit the Golden Numbers of 80s.
My weight-loss journey will not stop here and there’s a long way to go, I trust FHIIT to get me there.